Perfection is boring, getting better is where all the fun is –Dragos Roua

Welcome to the world of clumsy thoughts. It is your happy place. Why the name Clumsythoughts.com – well, for me perfection is a myth. We keep on learning each day and grow with each experience in life. We should be happy in our skin, enjoy the way we are and not give in to the standards of the world “to be perfect”. 

As in the words of Stephen King, “Books are uniquely portable Magic”, we will try to share the magic of books on this platform. There are so many books to read and so little time. From book reviews to blog posts, everything will be shared in this platform to spread “book love”. In each phase of our life, books play an imperative role and we are sure it will play a significant role in keeping our future generation sane amidst all technological changes too.

Let’s enjoy being clumsy in our own way, share clumsy thoughts and spread book love around the world.