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Here The Whole Time by Vitor Martins #Bookreview #LGBTQ

Here The Whole Time by Vitor Martins #Bookreview #LGBTQ

Dear readers, do you too struggle with a resolute of not buying any more new books and yet find yourself coming out of a bookstore with a bunch every now & then? We bought the Kindle with a resolute of not buying physical books or maybe buying only when the ones at home are done, well, it hasn’t worked out as planned. This year I have decided to read and write more on inclusive content including LGBTQ communities too.

Today’s review is on the book that was finished in two days. It is a simple read and my second book of #boylove. This was a recommendation from a fellow book lover and without any hesitation, it was added to the e-cart instantly. Have you read books with LGBTQ stories? This is a new territory for me, the first book in this genre was last year, hint:  It was converted into a Netflix series the same year, can you guess the name?

It was “Red, White & Royale blue”. It doesn’t usually happen, however, I enjoyed the movie as much as I loved reading the book. The romance genre is one of my favorites to read and the book didn’t let me down. However, for the series, I wanted a bit more, detailed version of how the leading characters dealt with their emotions.

Name: Here the whole time (Available on Amazon)

Genre: Romance, Love, Boylove

Author: Vitor Martins, 

Translator: Larissa Helena

The two kids who have been fighting their own battles find the courage in each other. A book with a simple storyline without much of a complex emotion and yet manages to remain with you for a longer time because of its simplicity. Addresses body positivity and makes you fall in love with the side characters too. Felipe and Caio are the lead characters and they both remind me of my teenage. I was the teenager who was never confident with my body as it weighed more than “normal kids” or so I was told.

I love how pure their emotions are and the strength their love gives them when it’s needed.  A seventeen-year-old Felipe had a crush on a boy who lives in his building. To his utmost surprise, the boy shows up on his doorstep to be his roommate for the next 15 days. Felipe was raised by a single mother who was an artist. The novel narrates the story in the first person and expresses Felipe’s emotions, turmoil, and love. He struggles with body image and has the coolest best friend ever.

I love how topics like therapy and interracial characters are blended seamlessly into the story. Given the stressful life we have been living, therapy definitely needs to be something many of us need. The stigma behind this needs more and more mention in books and other mediums of entertainment too. It is not often that books check all the boxes when it comes to social awareness. There isn’t much that I can write about this book without giving spoilers and I don’t want to do that. One has to read a book to understand how beautiful representation it will bring in the life of teens who are struggling to find their foot in this maddening world for self-awareness.

It’s a quiet but softly adorable story about body positivity, self-beliefs, and falling in love. Do you have some recommendations for more books on the LGBTQ community to familiarize myself better?

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