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Chasing Sunsets by Vaibhav Dange #Bookreview

Chasing Sunsets by Vaibhav Dange #Bookreview

Hello dear readers, happy Sunday.

Do you still believe weekends have their own charms even when we are locked in our houses? For me, the weekend would always have a special meaning. Lazy mornings, heavy breakfast, and then just planning everything, from the menu to little one’s syllabus for the coming week.

Author: Vaibhav Dhange

Book Name: Chasing Sunsets

Genre: Poetry

Today’s review is on a book that is not my genre of comfort. Poetry is not something that I enjoy much and Irony is in my name (Kavita). Poetry is beautiful and often derives from true emotions. I believe, one has to be in the same frame of mind to understand the depth of these words.

Chasing sunset is a book with many poems comprising of different topics. My whole reason for picking this book up is to break the monotony. Poetry is that genre that I wanted to read for quite some time however, never picked up. HBB (Half Baked Beans) gave me an opportunity for a review and grabbed it with both hands.

What did I love about this book?

First and foremost, the cover page of the book is quite a catchy one. I am more of a visual reader. Picking up a book without any recommendation means I will opt for a book with an interesting book cover. For this book, my first thought was that it seems mysterious, kind of a picture that says a lot but interpretation is left on the reader.

The prologue of the book gives the reader a glimpse of the author’s mind when he scribbled these words. Chasing Sunsets is divided into four prominent parts, Cyclic emotions, Denial, Breaking point, and Acceptance. Pay attention and you will realize that there is a flow of emotions and not abruptly scribbled words. Spending my three decades of life, trying to imprint my emotions on a paper, I was able to connect with a few poems in the book a bit well.

A poem with the title “Unsaid words” would be one of my favorites in the book. Then there is one with the title “Depression”, it beautifully conveys a message what many would want to say out loud.

What did I love about this book?

Like I said before, with poetry one has to have a connection with the emotions it was written with.  For example, poetry on a “Heartbreak” would mean the world to someone who has gone through it while for others, it really might be beautifully penned words.

Pardon my ignorance on not being too familiar with the world of poetry which might result in not appreciating it well. At the end of the day, I am glad I took a step towards understanding or at least reading this genre to break the monotony 🙂

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Reader Comments

  1. Whether you like poetry or not your review is bang on. People who enjoy reading poetry would definitely pick this book. Well I love writing poetry but when it comes to reading this would not be something I would pick up by choice. But thanks for sharing as this one looks interesting.

  2. I am not always in a mood to read poetry. Surprisingly I started my writing journey with small poetries.
    You said you are mot a poetry person but your review conveys a difference story. It’s wonderful as always.

  3. I also not much in poetry reading but after reading your review felt that I should also give it a try. agree, a good poetry should have a power to create an emotional connection with readers, otherwise it did not create any charm or magic.

  4. Poetry shares the emotion in less words and that too with impact. Whether the impact was strong or not then you can say the connection is build with the poetry book or not. I admire your honesty while reviewing the book and that is the virtue of a good reviewer.

  5. Well, Kavita who does not like kavitas — now that is an interesting story to tell over coffee 🙂
    It is wonderful that you took a chance and read something different – and poems are such a personal experience that honestly you can love a poem and another can absolutely hate it – and that’s whats so lovely about them – they are a very personal experience.

  6. Haha ?! I love your Irony confession of not into so many poetries and sarcastically reminding us of your name. I love poetry; it has the power of expressing more in very few words. At the same time, the chosen words and the creativity to align them meaningfully by the writer matters the most. I will surely check the book ‘Chasing Sunsets.’

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