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How Colors And Painting Can Bring Calmness In Our Life

How Colors And Painting Can Bring Calmness In Our Life

Dear readers, it is extremely hot and humid today in this part of the world where I live. The temperature has gone up to 42 degrees Celcius but it feels like 45+. The weather is unbearable but with the help of colors, paints, and my canvas, the day seems to be going okay.

Today’s post is solely dedicated to all the hobbies that I picked up when my brain goes through too much chaos. I can be called a person with multipotentiality, a word that I learned recently. I have seen a surge of posts on other social media platforms focusing on the creative side of the people. People have found time to get back to their hobbies when the lockdown was imposed. Some found their true calling in these times while others indulged in finding peace away from the screen.

The initial days of the lockdown

The cooking fever was real. I was cooking five meals a day and was experimenting with a lot of new recipes. The humans of the house were ecstatic and worried at the same time. Happy to try new food and sad because they knew it would not last long. Because I had too much time in hand and planning was not my forte, cooking became the focus of my day. Of course, the time came when lockdown went on forever and I decided to build a routine for my day.

Do I enjoy cooking? Absolutely, I still cook three or four meals a day. However, picking up a camera to record isn’t a tempting thought anymore. The onset of summer made it impossible to continue the elongated process of cooking and shooting. Pregnancy is another reason for my sudden change of interest, I guess. Anyway, long story short, this mama has found solace in colors and canvases nowadays.


The chaos of the mind seems to be calm when I paint. It’s been a few months since I have started painting. The mania doesn’t look like it is going to stop anytime soon. After reading a bit about this on the internet I decided to speak to a few of my loved ones who love to draw and paint.

In a world where everything is fast-paced and being glued to our screens for hours is quite normal. it is important to slow down. Relax, a little. Did you know, each color has a different impact on our brain/mood/emotions?

Here are a few fun facts that I have learned recently about different colors which help you to calm down:
  • Blue: It is considered to be a very soothing color. It helps in calming your mind and reduces tension. You might have noticed that it is often used in bedrooms because of its ability to help people sleep.
  • Green: It symbolizes nature. It is visually soothing and playing on canvas helps our senses to calm down. We often feel relaxed and calm when sitting in a park or a garden because we’re surrounded by nature’s most beautiful colors.
  • Pink: This has to be on top of my list. Here is an interesting fact about this color, Feng Shui believers often use pink to soothe the energy in a room and keep it understated. The color helps you to feel calm and bring peace into a room
  • White: Unsurprisingly, whites can also be remarkably calming. I love to play with this color on a darker shade of a canvas.

Which hobby or a new skill did you acquire during these times? We all are focusing on our health and keeping a check on mental health is equally important too. These hobbies or activities helps in keeping our mind calm 🙂

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Reader Comments

  1. Ahh..cant agree more. Painting is so relaxing. I wish to paint more often but my current routine is not allowing me to spare some extra time for painting. But whenever I get some time, I try to paint.
    Loved the boat painting.

  2. No wonder colors play an important role and make your life peaceful. I love yellow a lot and love to use it while painting.

  3. yes cooking during hot humid days are so hard and we all feel exhausted when we have to do it like a compulsory chore. it is really great that you picked another hobby ( painting). indeed, it is best way to get relaxed and release all day to day tension and anxiety.

  4. There was a time when my house used to be filled with my hands made art. But life happened and it has taken a back seat. Pandemic has done lot of bad but some good things too. Spending time with your loved once and bringing back my lost love for colours. Colous are extremely soothing for brain as it stimulates it in positive way.

  5. 45+ degree feel my goodness. Summers may be tougher for you all there. Loved your glimpses of the painting. I too loved it as I never been good at drawing, couldn’t think of being capable of playing with color. Now your post is encouraging me to rethink it.

  6. Painting is very relaxing, I love colours and brushes. Whenever I get time I start doing the painting. But I never know so many details about the colours which you have shared in this post.

  7. oh yes. colors do have calming property . I love to use blue and white a lot in my painting .I feel good and after completion of every art work I cant stop flaunting it .. Painting makes me super happy

  8. Colour, in any form, have the power to soothe your mind and boost your mood. For me, fresh and colourful flowers do the same work.

  9. Just like you, I cooked a LOT during that time and taking pics isn’t so tempting anymore. Your paintings are beautiful! Please don’t let this fever die. Believe it or not, I got obsessed with workouts during that time and lost weight. 😀

  10. I can’t paint the way you have, but yes during lockdown and stressful times, even I have picked up on painting some stuff. It is indeed very relaxing and refreshing.

  11. The pandemic has posed so many challenges and resulted in stress all around. Everyone has evolved their own ways to take the challenges in their stride. Colours and painting are really therapeutic.

  12. Painting really soothes the soul. Recently I saw Amrita Basu showcasing her water color art and I too followed Thea ong and tried hand on it. Must say colors bring vibrancy in life and make us feel good about everything.

  13. I’ve never thought that painting and colour has been so impactful on our lives. Thanks a lot. Love to explore the painting soon. That’s insightful read

  14. I agree. Colors make me happy. I too am getting my house done and chose blue for the room because 1. It’s my fav color and 2. It calms and refreshes the mind.

  15. Colours surely can have a great effect on our mood I love bright colours like red and yellows. The painting you posted here is amazing.

  16. Love reading the fun facts about different colours and their ability to bring calmness to our life. This one made a lovely read.

  17. Nowadays I feel people r trying out their hands in painting. I also love it when I see insta reels and th e art done by ppl so beautifully.
    I have also bought a canvas and colors….will try out my hands on painting soon.

  18. I used to play with colours on any medium previously- marble, earthen vessels anything. It gives so much of happiness inside. Colours make so much of a difference.

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