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How Pandemic Affected My Book Reading Habit

How Pandemic Affected My Book Reading Habit

Dear readers, hope you all are staying safe and following the covid prevention measures rigorously. There is a lot that has changed in our life in the last year and this includes my inclination towards reading more books. I caught the virus and it took every ounce of energy in me to fight it. Reading books was one of the major ways that helped me in keeping my sanity intact.

What has changed since the pandemic hit us?

The choices of the books that I read and still reading, during this quarantine era are pretty eclectic. From hardcover books to the Kindle version, I managed to get my hands on so many books that at one point I was reading three books at a time and mixing up all the stories like a cereal mix. Books like Born a Crime by Trevor Noah and Norwegian Wood by Murakami will be the highlight of my last year’s read.

Do you love reading just one book at a time or you switch between different books and finish the one you enjoy the most?

I currently have three unfinished books which I am reading simultaneously and believe me, all three are equally gripping. The pandemic affected a lot of us and I struggled not just physically but mentally too. It took time to get back to my normal routine and books played an integral part in this.

How to improve your reading habit?

Many of us found our hidden passion during the lockdown and indulged in it. For me, painting is my newfound love, and watercolors are my new muse. Reading books never took a backseat however I let myself lose with different genres instead of just sticking with my favorite one. The kind of books I read so far covers different genres and it made me realize that romance is not the only genre that makes me glued to the book but mythology, humor, and thriller are equally enticing too.

Did you know that kindle offers free books too and one doesn’t need any special gadget? Download it on any gadget you are comfortable with the phone, tab, laptop, desktop, etc., and start reading free books this app offers.

If reading isn’t your forte then how about listening to the books, yes, this is also an option and it helps you fill that time during house chores that we have to do nowadays being #aatmnitbhar Plug in your earphones and get busy with your daily household chores while listening to some fabulous stories.

P.S. I mistakenly picked up a horror story during washing the utensils at night and by the time story got over I was scared to even use the washroom alone.
All in all the goal is to get into the world of books as it helps in keeping the anxiety or depression at bay up to some extent which seems to be going to affect us on a larger scale due to all of us being confined within these four walls.

Let me know if you need some recommendations on free books that are available on these platforms ♥️ .

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Reader Comments

  1. Due to the pandemic, I got more into reading as sitting at home would get on my nerves and wanted to keep the mind occupied whenever I was free. Have read quite a lot of free books on Kindle and they are so cool. Would love to know more about other platforms from you.

  2. I could get back to reading with a band during the pandemic and explored a lot of free ebooks on Kindle. I like reading one book at a time though and rarely leave books halfway through.

  3. books can be our best friends for life, for all the right reasons. I love reading and whenever I get free time I spend my most of the time by reading books.

  4. Yes kindle offers great facility to read free books and now audible option is another great things to listen books while doing it other chores. I was thinking about to give it a try since long time but it did not happen. your post has reminded me to try it soon.

  5. Books are always so special and perfect friends for life. I am more into listening to audio books rather than reading but need to improvise myself.

  6. Reading has been a childhood habit. However owing to work and other responsibilities, reading has become less. At one time I used to read 2 to 3 books simultaneously, so I can identify with you on that. The pandemic has, of course, brought reading back into focus for me.

  7. The Pandemic changed my reading habit too – I just stopped reading completely!:) Thankfully I have got back to my book again. I did try audiobooks but it just didn’t work for me. I avoid reading horror at night after having an experience similar to yours.

  8. I have always been a book lover especially the fiction form of books . During Pandemic I again got close to reading books but this time it was for my son as I am trying to make him an avid book reader.

  9. Earlier I did not like to read books, but when I stopped meeting friends in this pandemic, I started feeling very lonely. Then my interest shifted towards stories and books. And today books are my best friends.❤️

  10. Books can be our best friends. This I realised very lately. Yes, I started reading books last year. And I reading it in daily life and feeling good. It inspired me and give positive vibes

  11. Reading is something I love and it is a stress buster for me. But as I don’t get much time now, I have tried audio books and it is equally interesting. You must try.

  12. I don’t get much time to read books. But like you suggest that we can listen to books while working. I would like to check out

  13. I was hoping to pick up more reading during the pandemic but unfortunately couldn’t. However, I wrote a lot in the last 18 months. Will surely pick up books that you recommend.

  14. I am a horacious reader and the one thing that upset me during the start of pandemic was that I was unable to get new books due to no delivery. However later on I ordered lots of books to keep them ready and handy in case again a situation arises. I love my books and pandemical no pandemic I need them.

  15. I am not into book reading but my children are. The pandemic made them spend more time at home, so they picked up on reading even more books which they had been meaning to read for sometime. It was interesting to read how pandemic affected your book reading habit.

  16. Wow, I am a horror and thriller book lover. I would wait for your recommendations for the same. I like reading one book at a time as I get involved with it too much.

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