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Books for kids – ZaynAndZoeyOfficial #bookreview

Books for kids – ZaynAndZoeyOfficial #bookreview

How it all started?

I introduced the world of magic created by books to my little one when she was 6 months old. She gradually started showing interest and now loves reading new stories on her own. There was a phase when she detested it and I gave her space. Not forcing her to read any book has been my mantra forever. Kids are observant and often reflect what they see.

Since reading a book is a part of my daily routine, I knew the little one will catch up sooner or later. My little one is five years old and her love for books is growing with each day. She has recently started reading books on her own with small words and it’s a whole new world for her now.

Our Recent Favorite from the lot…

Varnika’s love for books has grown twofold in the last years, all thanks to the lockdown. From planets to trees and from stars to cookbooks, the choices are pretty eclectic, to be honest, I learn from these more than her.


Why I love these books?

A few months back we got our hands on a book set from zaynandzoeyofficial and since then it has been read gazillion times already (you know what I am talking about). We got a set of four books:

? The chocolate factory

The complete process of chocolate making is described via a beautiful story. My little one was fascinated to know that chocolate actually comes from trees. The journey of chocolate from farm to table was beautiful to read.

?Visit a dairy farm

This is another one that she thoroughly enjoys. She has seen packets of milk at home but how this milk comes to this stage was quite a read for her. Now, she knows the difference between skimmed and full cream milk. She loves explaining these to her grandparents.

? The journey of sugar

The journey of sugar somehow had her least interest. She hasn’t seen sugarcane yet and her questionnaire was stuck on that point (this is one curious kid). We have kept it aside and will introduce it to her in a few days again.

? Learn how paper is made

If I have to pick my favorite one from the four then this one has to be on top. My five-year-old absolutely loves drawing and painting but making her understand the value of each page or how it is made brought a big change in her.

This series of products explore age-appropriate learning concepts in a fun and engaging manner. Their vision is to create books and games that make learning fun and engaging for children. These are easily available on Amazon at a reasonable price. There are various interesting topics that these books focus on and the language is pretty easy for kids to understand. Each book helps you understand the process of the product.

The quality of the material used for these books is amazing and bright colors make it all the more interesting to grab our little one’s attention. I have hidden the last one and will take it out next month in order to keep the excitement going for new books.

The chocolate one got her most adorable reaction when she realized there are trees/fruits involved in the process and one of the main Ingredients is actually not sweet in taste. If you are looking for books for your little one then don’t miss out on zaynandzoeyofficial books and I promise, your little ones are going to love these.

About the brand


Zayn & Zoey was founded by Yuti Jhaveri. Yuti obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from Vanderbilt University (USA) and Masters’s degree from Northwestern University (USA). She began her career with a healthcare research consultancy, after which she entered the stock market and has been managing investment portfolios for over seven years. In 2018, she decided to venture into children’s books with the Zayn & Zoey brand.

Writer & Editor:

Tvisha is an Instructional Designer. After a successful stint in corporate eLearning for nine years, she started working on children’s educational and recreational literature.  A mother of two, Tvisha stresses that her ideas for stories and structures come from the incredible experiences that she shares with her own children.

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Reader Comments

  1. As an avid reader, I believe that the right kind of books can make anyone fall in love with reading. This sounds like a great book for kids. I’m an adult and still I’m excited about it!

  2. Kavita, you have two blogs? I didn’t know this. Kudos to you. Book reading is a wonderful habit and it is best if we can make it a daily habit for our kids too. They learn when they see us enjoying it.

    I liked the list that yi have shared. Will check them out for my 5 year old. 🙂

  3. Zayn and zoey offcials are sounds like a great book options for kids. do they have books only for younger kids or they have some options for older kids too? my little one is almost ten and loved a lot reading books. will check this if get something appropriate to her age.

  4. My kiddo is a avid reader and she enjoys books alot. I have recently got couple of books from Zayn and Zoey.. I am yet to unbox it but your review is super helpful

  5. I’ve heard a lot about Zayn & Zoey books. Little minds are receptive and teaching them stuff like how sugar or paper is made will surely keep them interested.

  6. Wow these books are not just fun but there is so much to learn. Such books help kids in their reasoning as well as analytical skills. I am going to introduce thos books to all the little ones in my family.

  7. I am sure this book would make a great read for the young ones. Shall definitely check this for my daughter. Thanks for the review.

  8. It is nice to note that you have introduced reading to your kid quite early on. Nowadays reading is something usually put on the backburner. But reading is essential for kids to develop their creative and imaginative faculties and also learn about the world. These books seem just right as they blend fun with knowledge.

  9. Awesome, this post came at such the right time when I was looking for some good books for my kiddos. Zayn and Zoey officials sounded interesting; I will surely check some of the books from my list.

  10. My daughter loves books and this seems so good to gift her. Thanks for sharing this and giving such an honest review.

  11. Books plays such a crucial part in raising the kids. During my childhood I would save penny to buy books from second hand market. My affair with book started when I was in 10th grade. Wish I cud do it earlier. But now with my kids I am ensuring they read from early age.

    This book of Zayn and Zoey seems very nice for kids to hangout with. We have one of the titles by them at home too.

  12. Thanks for recommending this series of books. My son is 6 year old and maybe he will like these too as they have details of processes.

  13. I like the way you have written this blog and mentioning about books – the magic world. Book recommendations are great. I’ll share the blog with mum whose kids are 5yrs plus.

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