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Here is the most memorable book that I read this year

Here is the most memorable book that I read this year

Dear readers, how is the weather in your part of the world? On this side of the world, we are enjoying drizzling every now and then, it is making reading all the more beautiful. A book in hand, a warm cup of beverage, and a soft drizzling of raindrops, heaven indeed. As the half-year has gone by, I decided to pen down my thoughts on one of the most memorable books that I have read this year.

How do you choose your next read?

For me, the major percentage of my book selections comes from recommendations from avid readers. This book was picked on a recommendation that I received on a social media platform. Do you generally research about the author before picking up his/her book? I don’t unless the author is more famous than his/her books which usually happens if the author is a known figure other than the literary world.

The Author: Haruki Murakami

I am sure the name of this author won’t be new to any avid reader out there. The book that I will be writing about today was my first introduction to his world and I am already in love. The book found its place in the most memorable book slot of mine for many reasons. I think, I am obsessed with his way of writing now and have already watched many of his interviews on social media platforms as well.

Haruki Murakami was born on January 12, 1949, in Kyoto Japan. His novels, essays, and short stories have been bestsellers in Japan as well as internationally, with his work translated into 50 languages and selling millions of copies outside Japan.

In his own words “Until Norwegian Wood was published, I was an avant-garde “cult” author popular among young readers. Most of my books sold 100,000 copies but no more. But Norwegian Wood was picked up by readers across generations, sold over 2 million copies, and became a phenomenal bestseller. I personally love this work, but looking at it objectively, I think it is an anomaly among my works. After Norwegian Wood, I have not written any purely realistic novels and have no intention of writing anymore at this time.” (Source)

The book: Norwegian Woods

The story of this novel is told from a first-person perspective – Toru Watanabe. The protagonist Watanabe is someone who will leave a mark in your heart. It’s a very different character from the ones that I have read so far, which will draw your attention throughout the story. I am glad that I picked this one up from many recommendations that I have received for Murakami’s books.

A book that takes you on a journey and you become part of a character’s life, that’s a charm, not every writer holds through their writing. Murakami’s writing is flawless and writing complex emotions with such ease is an art that he has a stronghold on. It is a weird blend of sad and intriguing life stories of the characters involved. The ending is open to one’s interpretation but doesn’t falter from leaving a memory in your mind.

Is it one of the best books by this author? I don’t know but it definitely is a starting of a new journey, for me for Murakami’s books. I will always be mesmerized by how flawlessly and impactfully the emotions get through to you via Murakami’s writing.

It is simple and beautiful, to say the least.

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Reader Comments

  1. wow Kavita..this definitely seems like your favorite read so far. If the author has described emotions with an ease then that wrier surely going to win its reader’s heart.

    1. Wow, I keep getting to know about many books through your blog. You have increased my curiosity. I will definitely read this book. thank you for sharing.❤️

  2. wow it seems Murakami is an amazing writer with a great talent of narrating various emotions in most beautiful manner. your post show your admiration for his work amazingly. will surly check out the books written by him.

  3. I love reading books which can evoke different emotions and touches your heart deeply. I love the way you review any book. The curiosity is building up so going to grab my copy soon.

  4. I really like to to have this book to read the kind of emotions writer has shared. Thanks for sharing your honest review.

  5. Thanks for the review. I was a book person too before kids. And now, since I have two toddlers and the pandemic happened, I lost touch with the books. I guess, I have found my first read after a long break. Your review is soo interesting and made me more curious of this book.

  6. It seems like this is a must-read book. The Way you have reviewed this book is very nice. The author have the magic to nitrate every emotion very beautifully.

  7. I have not read Norwegian Wood but I am now going to read it based on your review and recommendation. If this is the most memorable book you have read this year, I’m pretty sure it makes for an excellent read. Will surely order a copy this weekend.

  8. I’m yet to read Norwegian Wood although I’ve read few of Murakami’s other works like Sputnik Sweetheart and Kafka on the Shore. His writing is different and also not everyone’s cup of tea. Curious to read this one now!

  9. Wow this films a great book to read I just love the way to describe the about in the post and I am surely looking forward to read this as soon as possible I am definitely ordering a copy soon

  10. I am yet to get a copy of Norwegian Wood , I have heard a lot of positive reviews about it . Cant wait to get a copy and checkout the book already . His writing is unique and I love it

  11. One of the finest story tellers indeed. Thank you so much for reviewing this book. I wanted to get a book where I get myself involved totally, deep read kind. What’s better than to pick this!

  12. Murakami is certainly not a hidden name from avid readers. I haven’t read Norwegian Wood yet but your post on this story makes me eager to read it very soon.

  13. I have never read Murakami to date but this review seems to have picked my interest in reading it. And for me too when it comes to choosing my next read I prefer to go by the recommendation of my friends. It really hekps.

  14. I am a fan of Murakamis writing. And if you liked this book, do read his book of short stories “men without women”. I really enjoyed that book. I too pick up books based on reccos from good book bloggers on Instagram.

  15. That sounds very interesting. SOmetimes you find a nice book and you want to read it over and over. I haven’t read this yet, but will be on my list..

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