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Batman’s Guide To Life by Chetan Soni #BookReview

Batman’s Guide To Life by Chetan Soni #BookReview
Author: Chetan Soni

Publisher:HBB (Half Baked Beans)

Genre: Self Help/Motivational

Dear readers, which one is the shortest book that you have read and it left a long-lasting impact on you?

While this review might be longer than the book, I promise you it is worth it. I want to share a thing or two about how I came across this book. There is a publishing house called HBB (Half Baked Beans), I got to know about this through a blogger friend. Their presence on Facebook made me easy for me to follow the regular updates. That’s where the name Chetan Soni came into existence for me.

About the Author

Mr. Chetan Soni is a man with many feathers in his cap. As his LinkedIn bio reads, he is a publisher, involved in book marketing, a  Startup Enthusiast, and a Kindle Author. I knew a little about his journey but followed him on Instagram from where I was introduced to his podcast with the name “Life is Enjoy”. If you enjoy travelling and conversations from the heart, then don’t miss this.


My whole purpose of reading this e-book was to enjoy a well written “Sarcasm”. It is an art and I believe, there is a very thin line between being sarcastic or being rude. The difference between knowing the wit, portraying it well via writing or making readers uncomfortable, will require a person who holds the intellect of being sarcastic.

This is the first time that I finished reading a book within an hour. I was not sure what to expect when I read the title and maybe that’s why I picked it up. From the prologue till the last line, the theme of the book changes often yet the words flow in harmony.

My interest piqued by the prologue of the book itself. I am intrigued, sad, and perplexed all at once to know the connection between the author’s diary and the Pokharan nuclear test. (Dear author, this calls for another story for sure). Sarcasm is an art and this part of the world is slowly gearing up for this.

As I read through a few pages of the book (a few of these lines are going to be my social media status soon) I yearn for some more classic tales written in a dipped sauce of sarcasm. I am definitely trying that “write a letter” #conditionattached advice from the author, read the book and I am sure you would give it a try too.

No fancy words that require you to pull a dictionary from the shelf or no hooks that keep you longing for the next part of the story yet you feel at ease and read through it because at the back of your mind you know this Kabir and Sonia are a part of your world somewhere. (A short crisp love story). I have a feeling I would be one of the first ones to grab the book once this author decides to pen down another book. Read it and Loved it.

Calling it a book seemed weird at first because it had only a few pages to read (pardon my ignorance toward e-books with only a few pages) however since I have read this one, I got my hands on quite a few books on Kindle with as many as only 15 pages long. Do you think there is any page limit or word limit for a book to be called a book? #ramdomeweirdthoughts 🙂

If we weigh the pros and cons of reading this book the only con I can think of is that it leaves you, yearning to read more about what the author has to say.

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Reader Comments

  1. I always liked your book reviewing style. It’s very clear and to the point. I like self help books. Going by your review, you clearly seemed to be in love of this book.

  2. This book really looks so interesting with such a brilliant plot and concept. I would love to read this and thanks for sharing such an honest review!!

  3. This is really interesting and I am amazed to know that your review is longer is than book itself. writing sarcasm is a tricky and till now, I did not get a chance to read any in book format. would love to read this one. the theme and length of book, both making me curious to know more about it.

  4. If it has only a few pages, then I will definitely check this out. Always like to read books that wrap up fast. The plot is interesting too.

  5. Wow this seems like a quick and interesting read too. Would love to give it a read. Conveying something with sarcasm needs creativity and I know author has achieved after reading your review.

  6. Looks like a must-read book it is. And after reading your review I am going to read this book for sure. I like reading short books

  7. Your review has prompted me to visit the book store this weekend and pick up the book. I’m still very old school you see. I have in any case not read any book by Chetan Soni, so it should be a good start.

  8. I’ve read and enjoyed many short ebooks on Kindle. This title seems interesting and going by your review is a good read too. Will check it out.

  9. I have known Chetan from last 6-8 years and he is actually quite a witty & sarcastic man. I would like to read his take on life.

  10. I’ve recently started reading short story books after I came across one and really liked it. From your review I am intrigued to get my hands on this book and give it a read.

  11. I think Kavita most of us are so used to reading huge numbered books that when we come across shorter ones like this one that you have reviewed. We feel happy and sad both as it ends even before it started. But the good part I feel about this book is the author’s capability to write this one and sum it up in fewer pages. I would really love to get hold of this one for a quick read.

  12. The fact that your review is longer than the e-book, draws me towards it. secondly the title is quite attractive. I had no idea Kindle has such short ebooks. Will surely check.

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