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How My Love-Hate Relationship With Kindle Survived Through Pandemic

How My Love-Hate Relationship With Kindle Survived Through Pandemic

Dear readers, suppose you have to name a book on you or on your life…what would you name it?

I think I will go with “A tale of a girl with some clumsy thoughts…♥️” Sounds like me, isn’t it?

Let me start by saying that after thinking about it for months and reading books on my other gadgets, I have finally decided to buy a kindle, device.

I have held my ground on many of my decisions including never to watch “Game of Thrones” despite the constant nagging of my better half since forever. However, I am in love with Kindle (yes, I accept it) and I want to get my hands on this device. Oftentimes when I spoke to a friend who enjoys reading books we would end up talking about Kindle. I would always be in a favour of my love for tangible books but of course, open for a discussion and listen to the counterpart 🙂

Why Kindle was not my first love when it came to reading books?

To be honest, up until recently I had never been a fan of reading books online. Maybe because I didn’t have the right device (yes, I am going with this to make sure my husband agrees with my decision of buying a gadget) or maybe because I am rigid with my choices.

Remember the good old days of visiting Dariyaganj in Delhi to buy the monthly book dose and then devouring every possible famous street food nearby? It used to be one of my favorite things to do on weekends before the pre-lockdown era. For me, second-hand books have a very different feel and charm. My bookshelf would agree with this, I still don’t believe that my love for tangible books can ever be overcome by a Kindle.

When out of nowhere this pandemic hit us, I was sure I had enough books for a few months. As this nightmare will be over soon. How wrong was I? The time when ordering anything felt like an invitation to germs is when this paranoid mama resorted to Kindle. I still hated it for a few days. Reading on a laptop or on a phone felt strange. I was missing the feel of books in my hand.

The secret of change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new. – Socrates ♥️

Initially, it felt like a task to finish a book on Kindle. I would open it and then hate the book immediately, not that the book was bad but it was my brain that kept on signaling to keep the book aka Kindle down.

Why was I focused on reading hardcopy books and not on some gadgets?

Well, I have a little human at home who truly behaves on the “Monkey See, Monkey Do” phrase.  I wanted to inculcate the habit of reading in her since young age> Picking up my book and reading it in my peaceful corner soon started to get crowded. However, this mama was happy.

Attention span is one thing that we often speak about when it comes to kids. However, according to a study by Microsoft, the average human being now has an attention span of eight seconds. This is a sharp decrease from the average attention span of 12 seconds in the year 2000. (Source:

The major reason behind this is the excessive use of gadgets in our day-to-day life. How on Earth am I supposed to increase the attention span of my little one when I am struggling to keep mine intact?

This was one of the major reasons I avoided picking up a device to read a book. Now, the mini-me is almost six years old and I have seen her being in love with the books.

Sometimes I wish if people can be as interesting as books. People are weird, complicated, and unnecessarily confused, wait, did I just give you the description of my brain?

Deviating from the topic, sorry. Let’s get back to our love story with Kindle 🙂 Gradually, some books made it impossible for me to keep them down and that’s how I started to get comfortable with reading books on this app. In the last one month, I have managed to read 8 books on Kindle and I am really proud of that.

Which group do you belong to, The Kindle lovers or tangible books are real love?

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Reader Comments

  1. 8 books in one month? wow. I am still not used to of kindle. I like to keep it a mix of both hard copy and kindle.e But you are right, during pandemic, many habits have changed. One of them is getting comfortable with kindle.

  2. I know what you mean. I had a hard time switching from books to the Kindle, in fact, it felt disloyal to do so. However, I started looking at Kindle as an object that could hold more books than my hands could, and that’s how I made peace with it.

  3. I got to agree with attention span and the fact that we got to introduce books to the kids from the beginning. I started with board books when my daughter was 6 months old and I am glad I made the best decision. I am really not comfortable with kindle yet

  4. I’ve changed from a Books-are-only-offline girl to a Kindle one and can understand what you must’ve gone through. Although it isn’t the same, Kindle is convenient, travel-friendly and holds lot more books.

  5. Kindle is a convenient medium to read books, and especially when you are traveling. But the charm of curling up in bed with a, “real” book is completely different.

  6. I still like to read books, and hats off dear reading 8 books in a month, this is superb!! Kindle is no doubt more convenient and easy while traveling!!

  7. I can understand nothing can’t replace love for reading books paper back. However only thing I like is that it has so many book at one place

  8. I personally love reading paper back books and nothing can replace that feeling. But in Kindle you can able to read so many books at one place .very nice write up.

  9. Kindle is easier to hold than paper books, and they’re a lot lighter than hardcover books and easier to carry around. We can download new books anytime we want without going to the store .

  10. I have always been a hardcopy person. Infact it was one of my review policies as well. But later I started getting accustomed to kindle. As you said it is a like hate relationship

  11. never been a kindle owner, coz I can’t get past the idea of holding and reading a paper book. But the device sure is travel friendly.

  12. I have always loved the warm and rusty fragrance coming from the pages of the book. Those old bookmarks that I would keep and forget. But off-late Kindle has spoiled me and I find it more comfortable to read. Infact with kindle, I have read around 6 books and that to box sets each in the last few months.

  13. Just today I was thinking about the same thing. I was gifted a Kindle for my bday this year and I am a hardcover book lover so what not sure if I would enjoy my kindle. But to my surprise I am loving it n in the 15 days that I have had it, managed to read 2 books on it n got few more. They for sure are lightweight n best for travel.

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