Those Eyes…

Sipping the tea from that flowery cup, she smiled and looked into her eyes…

I was running late for work and asked the driver to jump a few red lights. Driver helped me reach office 10 minutes before the meeting. I was about to enter the office when I saw those two eyes…looking straight at me…I thought that after working in the corporate world for more than a decade had turned me into a robot but there was something in those eyes…

I walked inside the office and got busy with my daily work routine. Working like a maniac day in and day out gave me the tag “The tough bitch”…I didn’t mind, it’s not easy to be on top of the corporate ladder without earning these Nicknames…

As I lay on my bed after such a hectic day, all I could think of was those two eyes. I tried to sleep but no success…I went for a run at night to put my mind at ease but those eyes were engraved in my brain somewhere.
I reached office an hour early but the reason I came early was missing from the place last time I saw…I asked around and found no one who could give the concrete answer. Spoke to a couple of guards and they told me about this place. I reached there and noticed that the area was sticking with gutter water yet loud with laughter as well as buzzing with people.

I had to find those eyes, it felt like a strange pain in my chest every time I came to a dead-end but I didn’t lose hope. It took me a month but it was all worth it when I saw those eyes among fifteen other pairs of eyes.
We caught the truck just in time and found girls being sent to another city among those girls were you, two years old in your brownish frock.

I picked you up and you clung to me like a baby monkey. All those words of different doctors… ” You can never bear a child… you can never be a mom”, all those broken relationships I had because I can never be a mother naturally, faded away at that moment.

It has been 18 years to that evening, Gauri. You are the miracle of my life and those eyes are still the reason of my smile

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  1. this was so heart touching. i could not stop till the very end and when it ended i felt sad, really good . keep writing. a mom is a mom. does not matter how she became a mom.

  2. Such a beautiful short story that encapsulates the feelings of a mother than yearned for a child and had one when there was no hope and is super proud of the child

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